How to Keep a Computer Performing Faster As Ever?

January 24, 2014

It is very common that most computer users either desktop or laptop find it hard to keep their device fresh and smooth functioning for a long time. After a certain period of buying it the performance of the system gets dull and slower in loading than it was earlier. It takes ages to load the required applications and programs as the system gets dull and slower in its memory (RAM) and CPU.

Here I will explain about the major causes of why a computer system becomes slower and dull as it gets older. Please note that – I personally prefer to use only Microsoft Windows Operating System, started from Windows XP to the latest Windows 8.1. Therefore, these tips and tricks are to be suitable ONLY for Windows users. I have tested Linux in the past, but I did not like it due to its slow behavior and could not use many applications as much it is possible with Windows. Moreover, upto today Windows is the most preferred OS used all over the world, followed by Apple’s Macintosh, then Linux and few Android OS devices.

 1. Customization: When you buy a brand new computer in these days, it probably comes with a preloaded OS (such as Windows 7 or 8, Linux). It has all the default settings and features in active mode, which is not much satisfactory in term of its performance. Most of the available features are set in running mode, including those which you don’t need to utilize. All these unnecessary features make the system slow and dull to perform their assigned functions. This is when you need to begin customizing all of the features accordingly with your preferences. The more you customize the features, the better your system will give you satisfying results when you use it.

 2. Disable all the unnecessary startup programs: I have noticed almost in every computer that many unnecessary processes run in the background. It is due to many programs are enabled in startup manager which are not really required to run automatically right from the time your system has been switched on. You can manually start those programs only when you need them. If you still have doubts about this – right click on a blank area of the taskbar and select Start Task Manager. Under the Processes tab you would notice many processes are running in the background of which you are not really aware of in time. However, even though you may end or shut down these processes manually these will automatically start again the next time you switched on your computer. Besides, it is always risky to end system processes if you don’t know about them in details, or else your computer might never start again.

 To disable all the unnecessary processes or programs, start the Run command and then type – msconfig. Now a window of System Configuration will open up, and select the Startup tab. Under this tab you will find all the programs with checked in the boxes to automatically start. Here you can disable all the programs by unchecking in the boxes, and later you can manually start them only when you want to use them. I bet you would notice many programs are actively checked in the boxes and running in the background.

 3. Disable all the unnecessary services: After background processes, the second features which make the computer slower are the background services, some of which are not necessarily need to be set in auto enabled mode. When many services are set in, enabling mode, the computer becomes slower. It is because all of these are using more memory without any importance. Therefore, it is always a wise step to manually disable them one by one, and enable them ONLY when you really need these services.

 Once again, click on an empty area on the taskbar and select Start Task Manager. Now in this window, click on the Services tab under which all the running and stopped services are listed in details. Click on Services box at the right bottom corner to run the Services window. It will provide a list of all the Windows services with their detail information. You can find easily find out which are user services (manually able to start), and which are system services which cannot be disabled at any stance. If you forcefully disable any system service, your computer will fail to start after shutdown. Thus, I strongly advise you to be cautious while disabling any service by visiting this link to know which services are safe to disable.

 If you want to disable any service you have to double click directly on the preferred service from the long list, then click on the Startup type in the middle area. It will provide 4 options – Automatic (Delayed Start), Automatic, Manual and Disabled. If the service is listed under safe to disable services list you can completely set it to Disabled mode, or else Manual mode in order to start it on your own need.

 4. Regularly remove temporary files and folders: Believe it or not, one of the most useful methods to keep the computer running faster as ever, is to regularly remove temporary files or folders which were created while running various programs on their needs. Temporary files and folders are those which are completely unnecessary for running a computer safely and you can surely remove them permanently. Here regularly does not necessarily mean to perform the task  every day, but it is wiser to follow it at least once a week. By removing these wasted files, it makes the disk space free from occupying space, and keeps the system running at its peak.

 There are numerous applications available to remove unnecessary files and folders, one of which is CCleaner, which is very handy to use and easy to install and run. Here is the link to download CCleaner.

 5. Scan Windows Registry on a regular basis: Just like removing unnecessary files and folders, it is advised to clean inactive registry settings from the Windows Registry at least once in a fortnight to improve the performance of the system. Registry is the location in a Windows OS which registers every details information and settings are after a new software is installed. This makes easier for the system to recognize which programs is set to run according to its assigned type. When many unused registry settings have remained after the uninstallation of an application it takes longer time to load other programs, overall making the system run slower than normal.

 6. Upgrade RAM: The amount of RAM is the most important part in running a computer faster. When you find the physical memory is running above 50% it is advised to upgrade the RAM slot with higher quantity, as it will noticeably increase the performance of the system. It is almost impossible to upgrade a RAM in most of the laptops beyond its limit, whereas for desktops it is convenient to upgrade with much higher capacity.

 7. Buy a computer with high speculations: I strongly advise you to buy a computer with high speculations, such as high capacity of RAM, latest and fastest CPU, high graphic card values and the latest Operating System. All of these will make your computer run like a healthy horse.

If you need any assistance for solving your computer and software related problems you can always contact me @ - for help and guide.

Blogger Tricks

December 25, 2013

While it is too early to predict or talk about the upcoming Sajid Nadiadwala’s first directorial venture Kick, which stars superstar Salman Khan in the lead role, it is interesting to expect so many things from it. Just recently Sajid said that Kick is entirely different from what Salman has done onscreen before. Are these all marketing and promotional tactics to ignite the audiences’ expectations? Only time will answer to this question.

As confirmed by the director (also producer) Sajid, Kick is yet another remake from the Telugu movie industry’s 2009 release Kick that starred Ravi Teja in the main role. Just like the upcoming Salman’s Jai Ho which is also being remade from 2006 Telugu hit Stalin, Kick is to be added to the long remakes list.

What is most interesting to expect is whether Sajid adds his own masala to the script or it is maximum similar with the original one. If he rewrites the script to suit the taste of Bollywood and impress Salman’s fans it would be much appealing to wait for something great in 2014. Otherwise, there would be nothing much to expect for those who already knew the story of the original Kick.

The only hand crossing moment is when we can hope to watch Salman and sexy diva Jacqueline Fernandez, from Sri Lanka, onscreen together for the first time. They are followed by Randeep Hooda, Mithun Chakraborty, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Archana Puran Singh as the costars.

I will update the box-office prediction of Kick when there will be exposure of the trailer as well as if any song is publicized.

December 18, 2013

Update: 4th March 2014

The box-office fate of Highway is yet to be finally decided, whereas some box-office reporting websites claim it to fare below average, but NOT YET been officially declared as flop. It is surprising to observe that previous releases of director Imtiaz Ali were astonishingly popular and audience-winning movies, Highway is exceptionally different in terms of response from the audiences. What I personally opine about the movie is Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt's onscreen chemistry looks odd, perhaps because of their age differences, although the latter (Alia) is a show stealer.

After the release of Shaadi Ke Side Effects on 28th February, the earnings of Highway were severely affected. On 1st March (second weekend), collection were only 4.4 crores, and 1.72 crores on 2nd March (Sunday).

In 2014 we will see five movies to be produced under Sajid Nadiadwala’s production banner - Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, and Highway is one of those upcoming movies. The track record of his productions seems to be satisfactory, except a few unexpectedly went wrong. Not to forget Sajid is making a blowing debut as a director with Kick starring Salman Khan.

Highway is set to be released on 21st February 2014, just one week after Gunday. After his last mind sizzling venture Rockstar, Imtiaz is ready for another emotionally thought provoking story. On watching the trailer, it is clear that Highway has some serious emotional and physical torture scenes, followed by few romantic dramas as well as comedies for relieving the audiences. As the title indicates, it is a road trip story moving from one state to another. In one scene we could see entering the gate in a snowy area, while in another scene we could see the rising sun in a plain location.

Although the lead co-stars Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt give an odd feeling, we should be assured by its brilliant director Imtiaz Ali. Presently, gorgeous Alia is a growing sensation among the present generation after 2012’s youth-based hit Student of the Year. As seen in the trailer, she deserves appreciation for her performance, whatever is her experience in Bollywood. It is impossible to ignore Randeep’s acting personality, specially on serious oriented roles with no-nonsense character. What I can only guess about the story is the differences in their identity slowly draw them closer as they get to know each other better after spending time together. Still then it is unpredictable as to how and what is the climax of Highway. And this is absolutely the plus point of Highway.

Imtiaz is one of the top contemporary directors in Bollywood who always work with different actors in each of his movies. Up to this time, he has repeated none of his lead actors in another movie, and it eagers the audiences to expect for something unique from his movies. He is capable of handling stories related to drama, romance and emotional sentiment. We have watched his true potentialities as a complete director starting from his Jab We Met to the latest Rockstar. So wait for another refreshing and touching story.

December 17, 2013

Update: 17th February 2014

Here is a good news ! As I predicted the verdict of Gunday after seeing the trailer, it has been declared a HIT at the box-office according to many sources. If these sources are to be believed then it is obviously a good news for those who watched and liked Gunday. And the biggest news is - it has already entered the Rs.100 crore grosser club.

It is for the first time, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor have teamed up together to play lead roles in this movie, supported by Priyanka Chopra as the female lead, while the director (also writer) is Ali Abbas Zafar. Ali Abbas’ directorial debut Mere Brother Ki Dulhan released in 2011 was a hit which was a triangle love story between Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar (actor from Pakistan). It was overall a fun ride movie.

Now, the director is returning with Gunday which tells the story about two petty thieves and how they reach to the level of mafia illegally dealing with coal. As the director Ali Abbas revealed in 2012, the story is mostly set during the 1970s in olden Kolkata when and where these two thieves turn gangsters. Priyanka’s role as a cabaret dancer looks promising, and this is her next release after disaster remake Zanjeer and Ram-Leela (she had a cameo appearance). Why should we miss the performances of one of the most versatile contemporary actor Irrfan Khan, who plays the role of a cop hunting for these two strong-headed gangsters !

In the trailer, at starting Irrfan narrates the background story about olden Kolkata, as the two homeless kids grow to teenagers they start to involve in illegal coal business and how they come across a cabaret dancer. Personally, the trailer and the two-friends’ story reminds me of Sholay in few shots such as - the moving train, horse riding, support/trust on these two energetic young men by the locality people, some hilly-areas heavy action scenes and of course the design of the title ‘Gunday’. Most exciting part of Gunday is to watch two fit and fresh actors doing rough and tough scenes flaunting their workout bodies which were required for the story.

Interestingly, the movie is scheduled to be released on Valentine’s Day, i.e. 14th February 2014, and that is not too far to wait. Most Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor’s young fans won’t give it a miss as they will be celebrating this day as lovebirds with their dearest ones. It can assure the opening day to be with huge occupancy in theatre.

My personal box-office prediction of Gunday: Hit

With reference to Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, I can bet on Gunday on becoming a hit because the director Ali Abbas knows how to represent everything in a cool and relaxing way, no matter how much it seems to be hilarious or serious. On the other side, this time he is working totally on different genres of action, mafia, olden day story and related to cabaret dance, while the former one was mostly romance and family drama mixed with unstoppable comedy.

December 11, 2013

Below are my personal points of weaknesses or problems which India immediately needs to eradicate to transform it into a better country. These five problems are active and visible in every single day in our regular lives which we always complain but never try to bring them to an end. Although these five points may sound like an anti-Indian sentiment but the truth is I’m not an anti-Indian, and very much an Indian like you all.

      1.       Corruption
At present everyone knows the proper definition of corruption. Right from a street vegetable vendor to a top level bureaucrat, everyone is involved in bribery and corruption. This is the sole reason why India is not moving forward to be considered as a developed country because all those involved in corruption are ignoring to utilize their plans and work for selfless benefits. Unless this serious issue is not clearly rooted out there can be no hope of India to march ahead, and it will remain as it is.

      2.       Lack of Young Politicians
I would say the development of a country is first and foremost vested upon politicians and ministers. They are responsible to implement whatever innovation and changes plans are strategized in the parliament. It is highly noticeable that a very few young politicians show enthusiasm to participate in the mainstream politics, and therefore it is mainly dominated by senior politicians. India needs young and fresh politicians to bring out noticeable changes in India’s current international position. Unfortunately, many educated young generation ignore to participate in politics because of the above pointed corruption problem.

      3.       Overcrowded Population and Poverty
In olden days our ancestors believed that a new born baby is a gift from God, and the more they could bear children the more they were felt blessed. We can’t blame them. It is in the olden social system when they were not much aware of population explosion as well as the absence of the family planning. Moreover, they always preferred to have more members in the family for ensuring safety and security. Even by today, this belief exists in rural areas where couples have not considered this issue seriously.

      4.       Racial and Communal Discrimination
If you look at any spot of conversation you would notice the discriminatory subject arises in it. People wish to show their higher status by making other races and communities down with negative remarks. Every individual claims his race is being superior and pure than the other. This is intolerable. Truth is no any race or community is perfect in its tradition, culture, social system and ideologies. When one cannot respect others, how could he expect the same from others? Certainly, this is a major negative issue in Indian society.

      5.       Disrespect on Women
As the time is moving on it is a bitter fact that rise of violence against women is increasing at a frequent rate in India. I would mostly point out as its cause to the less influential Indian laws against the criminals who don’t fear to repeat such crimes. When a single case is being resolved in the court there appears hundreds of new cases of rape and violence every single day. Unless a fast track solution is not implemented with serious punishment there won’t be any changes to this problem. Instead it will rise to the top.

Being Health Conscious

People don’t worry about their health unless they suffer from illnesses and infections. This is one of the most careless mistakes that mankind commits in their lifetimes.

Ignoring health right from earlier ages can cause a lot of breakdowns in the middle or later age. Two things are similar in nature – a person’s health and a machine. Both are unpredictable and may break down any time, and both are controllable by human. The choice is theirs – whether they want to maintain its lasting duration or make it shorter. Improper care will always lead to a shorter span of both a health and a machine.

Naturally, people during their early ages of life tend to be restless and careless. Starting from one’s puberty till the early periods of adolescence, it is hard for them to keep the minds and health in balance. At this phase, the body is misused in many harmful activities – like excessive drinking, smoking, traveling around by neglecting proper meals and pre-marital sex. By all these teenage activities the body gets severely affected, although they may find it strong in time of needs. But breakdown happens as they grow older.

It is good to involve in hygienic physical activities such sports, bodybuilding workouts, trekking, diving and some other sporty practices. In between these one should never give a miss to eating meals at the proper time. Untimely consumption of foods can always lead to infections in the body and health related weaknesses start to arise. These grow at a slower rate, which become more serious during the middle-age. They begin to realize and start complaining over their health.

Normally, the life span of a human being is unpredictable but with an average of 70 years. Up to this age one can utilize its body with enough strength and fitness, which gradually deteriorates and the health issues start to occur in the body. Those who can survive healthily for nearly a century are because they were conscious of their health and managed care in proper ways without negligence. One may argue – who would want to live up to 90 years with pain and suffering?

Well, to this argument I would say it as a stupid question. If you can survive up to 90 years or more, you should be proud of your health to live up to such age. Not everyone can live for so long, as it is a human nature to live a life with limits. The biological aspects of a human body restrict to live forever.

Health consciousness also rewards one with the psychological aspects. When someone is physically fit and well it gives mental relaxation. It keeps free from unnecessary worries, stresses and tensions. The more someone is healthy the more it is good for his mind. When a mind is free from tensions, worries and stresses it helps to manage the life smoothly in every situation it comes around.

So dear readers, from now on care your health if you want to live a healthy old aged life.